Walking to the 21 California Missions along El Camino Real.

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Siempre Adelante! (Always Forward!)”

— Saint Junípero Serra

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This walk is unique to California, and is a much different walk than Spain. Pity the person who undertakes this walk expecting a similar experience to Spain :)… this walk is wild, rugged, unpredictable, scary, boring, beautiful, unpleasant, exhilarating, concrete and asphalt, freeways, huge cities, back country, wilderness, steep mountains, railroad tracks, creeks, days without food sources, suburban sprawl, etc etc etc. It is amazing and need not be over sold (as similar to Spain) nor should it be undersold (it is not for the faint hearted).”— Edie Sundby, Author of “The Mission Walker”

Latest News

Latest News

The Hiker’s Guidebook Second Edition

The Hiker’s Guidebook Second Edition

The Hiker’s Guidebook Second Edition is now available! The second edition of the California Mission Walk: The Hiker’s Guide to California’s 21 Spanish Missions Along El Camino Real is now for sale! This fully-revised second edition is the result of close collaboration...

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Mission Walkers Welcome Here

Mission Walkers Welcome Here

We are creating a list of businesses along the mission trail from San Diego to Sonoma that welcome business from California Mission Walkers! Who are the California Mission Walkers? We are a group with over 1,500 members that walk and advocate for the 800 mile El...

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We are dedicated to promoting a walking route along the historic El Camino Real between the 21 California Spanish missions, and supporting those who walk it.


The El Camino Real

The California Mission Walkers group was formed in 2013 to bring together people who shared a common goal of walking the 800+ miles along California’s El Camino Real between all twenty-one historic Spanish missions.

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If it were easy, everyone would be walking it.”—Ron “Butch” Briery

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