We are creating a list of businesses along the mission trail from San Diego to Sonoma that welcome business from California Mission Walkers!

Who are the California Mission Walkers? We are a group with over 1,500 members that walk and advocate for the 800 mile El Camino Real walking route between the twenty-one historic California missions.

As mission walkers walk the El Camino Real, they will inevitably need to stop for food and rest. The Mission Walkers Welcome Here sticker simplifies the process of looking for somewhere to stop. Listed here on our website, these businesses gladly welcome all mission walkers in search of food or rest. Additionally, there is a 4″ sticker in the windows of these businesses, to provide a physical identifier for the website list.

There are multiple ways to participate and get a business involved with the mission walkers. The first is by nomination, anyone can nominate a business that they think mission walkers would be welcome at along the mission trail. Once a business has been nominated, we will reach out to them to see if they are interested in participating. The second is for a business to directly contact us by email at californiamissionwalkers@gmail.com, to let us know that your business wants to participate.

There are many benefits to participating. Mission Walkers will bring their business to you, because they know that they are welcome there. Your business will also be listed free of charge on our website, where mission walkers can go to plan where they could stop along the mission trail. Another is simply showing that you support them as they keep part of California’s history alive as they walk the 800 mile journey along the El Camino Real.

Siempre Adelante!

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