California Mission Walkers
2024 Conference
At Mission San Antonio de Padua
Saturday, October 5th

This year’s conference theme is The Mission Walk: A California Pilgrimage.
This conference is open to all past, present and future mission walkers!

The California Mission Walk is a pilgrimage on foot between the twenty-one historic Spanish missions founded in California from 1769 to 1823. A growing number of people are walking this challenging 800-mile route that follows the El Camino Real through California.

The reasons people walk this California Camino are varied; some walk it as a religious pilgrimage, while others for a greater appreciation of California’s vast beauty and complex history, and others for the unique challenge and adventure of completing this journey along California’s scenic Pacific shores, busy city streets, and quiet country roads.

Over the past twelve years, a supportive community of over 2,500 people has grown around this walk and created the California Mission Walkers organization. This first conference gathers this community in California’s Central Coast at the picturesque Mission San Antonio de Padua to examine the California Mission Walk, share their experiences, encourage and help others to start their journey, celebrate those who have walked the missions, and further strengthen the bonds of this growing community.

Conference Events

The following events will take place at the conference on Saturday, October 5, 2024:

  • Morning welcome reception and continental breakfast
  • Keynote speaker: Edie Littlefield Sundby, author of The Mission Walker
  • Morning & Afternoon Workshops. Interactive discussions on the following topics:
  •     Preparing for Your Mission Walk, by Julie A.
  •     Connecting California Trails, by Steven W.
  •     Mission History, by Jerry E. and John J.
  •     Walking the Mission Trail, by Kristie N.
  •     The California Mission Walker Community, by Pam R.
  •     Mission Art & Culture, by Kurt B., Joan S., and Carol K.
  • Exhibitors showing information, products, and services related to the mission walk
  • BBQ lunch at the mission’s outdoor picnic area or indoor dining room
  • Q&A with early trailblazers and pathfinders of the California Mission Walk
  • Special Recognitions, Celebrations, and Honors presentation
  • Trivia Contest for California Mission history enthusiasts

On Friday, October 4th there will be a Wine Tasting (facilitated by Kurt B.) and a dinner (both optional) before the conference, and on the 5th there will also be an optional dinner after the conference for those who want to extend their visit to the scenic Mission San Antonio.

Optional Arrival Day Schedule, Friday, October 4, 2024
3:00 pm Welcome reception opens
4:00 pm Wine tasting (optional)
5:30 pm Guided walking tour of mission grounds
6:30 pm Dinner (optional)

Conference Schedule, Saturday, October 5, 2024
8:00 am Conference check-in and breakfast reception begin
9:00 am Conference begins
11:30 am – 1:00 pm Lunch
5:00 pm Conference ends
6:00 pm Taco dinner (optional)


Conference tickets are $110 for adults, $50 for students with ID, and $12 for children. Please use this Google Form to register for the conference:
Questions? Please email us at:


Mission San Antonio de Padua is located on the U.S. Army Fort Hunter Liggett grounds, and is a 30-minute drive from King City, an hour’s drive north from Paso Robles, or a 70-minute drive south from Salinas. The Mission address is 1 Mission Creek Rd, Jolon, CA.

Workshop Descriptions

There will be three workshops held simultaneously in the morning, and three workshops held simultaneously in the afternoon. Conference attendees may attend one morning workshop and one afternoon workshop of their choice. Video recordings of all workshops will be available for viewing afterwards for all conference attendees. The workshops are 60 minutes in duration.

Morning Workshops

Preparing for Your Mission Walk, by Julie A.
Whether section-hiking or through-hiking, preparing properly for the California Mission Walk can be a daunting task. We will discuss the basics of planning your walk, choosing proper equipment and clothing, and setting up your pack, in addition to sharing personal tips on what has worked best for us.

Connecting California Trails, by Steven W.
Dozens of trails connect or overlap with the 800 miles of the California Mission Trail from San Diego to Sonoma. Let’s leverage our common goals across trail organizations to help improve routes, trail access, signage, pedestrian safety, and accommodations for all!

Mission History, by Jerry E. and John J.
Who were the Spanish missionaries? Why did they build the missions in California? We’ll look at some of the stories surrounding these historic buildings and the people who presided over them.

Afternoon Workshops

Walking the Mission Trail, by Kristie N.
The California Mission Walk is a journey through diverse landscapes: sandy beaches, breathtaking mountain vistas, and concrete urban jungles. This workshop by a Southern California native will focus on the variety of sights, sounds, and experiences you can discover on the mission trail, with a special emphasis on finding beauty while traveling through her home city of Los Angeles.

The California Mission Walkers Community, by Pam R.
The California Mission Walkers community provides the support that makes it easier for people to say “Yes!” to walking the mission trail, including our guidebook, mission ambassadors, trail angels, and supportive Facebook community. This workshop explores the many facets of “why we walk” and how to leverage our community support to create a very special walking experience.

Mission Art & Culture, by Kurt B., Joan S., and Carol K.
Explore the influences of Spanish, Mexican, and Native American traditions on California Mission era culture that includes art, architecture, music, and crafts through authentic and tangible evidence of the past. We’ll tour Mission San Antonio to sample some of these cultural elements.


There are a variety of lodging options available within driving distance to Mission San Antonio:

Lodging at Fort Hunter Liggett:

  • Historic Hearst Hacienda Lodge (0.6 mi from the Mission) Tel: 831-386-2900 Requires vetting clearance at the Fort Hunter Liggett Visitor Control Center
  • IHG Army Hotels Gibb Hall (0.6 mi from the Mission) Bldg 196 Infantry Road, Jolon, Tel: 831-263-3040 Requires vetting clearance at the Fort Hunter Liggett Visitor Control Center
  • Fort Hunter Liggett Primitive Campground (6 mi from the Mission) After passing through the first gate, make an immediate left on Alamo Road. Go a half mile to the campground. This campground is self-check in; follow the instructions on the sign.
  • Note that the retreat rooms at Mission San Antonio are full. Please do not contact the mission office with room requests; there are no retreat rooms available.

Lodging in King City (25 mi from the Mission)

  • Quality Inn, 1190 Broadway St, King City, Tel: 831-385-6733
  • SureStay Hotel by Best Western, 4 Broadway Cir, King City, Tel: 831-385-4646
  • Motel 6, 3 Broadway Cir, King City, Tel: 831-385-5000
  • San Lorenzo County Park Campground, 1160 Broadway St, King City Tel: 831-755-4895

Lodging in Paso Robles (50 mi south of the Mission)

  • Paso Robles Inn, 1103 Spring St, Paso Robles, Tel: 805-238-2660
  • Courtyard by Marriott, 120 S Vine St, Paso Robles, Tel: 805-239-9700
  • Oxford Suites Paso Robles, 800 4th St, Paso Robles, Tel: 805-237-0305
  • Hotel Siri, 715 24th St, Paso Robles, Tel: 805-226-4127
  • Adelaide Inn, 1215 Ysabel St, Paso Robles, Tel: 805-238-2770
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 2455 Riverside Ave, Paso Robles, Tel: 805-238-6500
  • Vines RV Resort & cottages, 88 Wellsona Rd, Paso Robles, Tel: 877-820-0940
  • Paso Robles RV Ranch and Campground, 398 Exline Rd, Paso Robles, Tel: 805-237-8685
  • There are several VRBO and AirBnB rentals near San Miguel, 45 minutes from the mission

Lodging in Salinas (70 mi north of the Mission)

  • Holiday Inn Express, 195 Kern St, Salinas, Tel: 831-737-1160
  • Best Western Plus, 187 Kern St, Salinas, Tel: 831-751-6411
  • Best Western, 175 Kern St, Salinas, Tel: 831-784-0176
  • Motel 6, 140 Kern St, Salinas, Tel: 831-753-1711
  • Marina Dunes RV Park, 3330 Dunes Dr, Marina, Tel: 831-384-6914


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